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Modern Eyeshadow Palette

Second edition of our cult classic NEUTRAL palette. It delights because of its wide range of trendy colours, intense pigmentation, durability, and ease of blending of colours. The colours may be applied either dry or wet. Discover the magic of its colours!




Selfie Loose Shimmer

A BIT OF sparkle gives BIG effects! Three colours of light shimmers. A subtle combination of particles that form a luminous surface on the skin. Will highlight and bring out the natural brilliance of your complexion.

Fixing Spray

Forget make-up touch-ups. Make-up fixing Spray. Thanks to a lightweight formula, it is sprayed free without any burdening effect. Regulates excess sebum and shinning of the skin. Fixing spray is designed to keep your makeup in unchanged form and to protect it from heat, moisture, wind, or cold.