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Nude eye pencil ALPHA

Nude eye pencil for the waterline that allows you to achieve the effect of enlarged and refreshed eye. Its use gives you a fresh, brightened-up and radiant look. The pencil is soft and precise, it spreads easily.




Eyeliner TRITON

Intensively black eyeliner with high pigment content. It is exceptionally easy to apply. It has a comfortable tip that allows you to draw on the eyelid precise lines with a perfectly drawn-out wing. You will make it in one stroke. The eyeliner is resistant to rubbing off and smudging.

Eyebrow Liner COMET

Liquid eyebrow liner in two shades: for blondes and brunettes. It will be perfect to thicken and replenish even the thinnest eyebrows. It will help to give the right shape to natural ones. Its precise brush guarantees great comfort at the time of product application. Thanks to its waterproof formula, it allows you to achieve a durable effect that lasts for many hours.

Glitter eyeliner LUNA

Supermodern liquid eyeliner designed for creative and bold make-up lovers. The product applies with ease. Its golden colour, saturated with flecks that glisten in light, shines beautifully, illuminating the eye. It is perfect for nights out.

Liquid lipstick OMEGA

The congealing liquid lipstick gives the lips a heavily saturated colour. It is durable and lasts on the lips for many hours. The lipstick with intensively matte finish is very easy to apply. It is available in three colours: Andromeda, Virgo, Draco.

Highlighter GALAXY

3D-effect highlighter for face and body. It blends perfectly with the skin, covering it in intensively glistening grains, adding radiance and freshness. The intensity of the highlighter can be graded, depending on your individual preferences. The bounce formula will surprise make-up lovers.

Make-up Palette STELLAR

Palette designed and composed by Katosu, YouTube’s make-up Queen. Thanks to this exceptional composition, you will create an out-of-sight look full of sparkle. It contains two matte colours for modelling the eye, three heavily glistening shades and highlighter with the exceptional bounce texture. All its constituent parts are replaceable; once it has been used up, the palette can be composed anew according to your own preferences.

Eyeshadow STELLAR

Single foil eyeshadow in the shade of delicate purple. It gives an amazing glow effect and its finish resembles water sheet. It is very easy to use. It serves as a complement for the interchangeable palettes from the WIBO collection.

Eyeshadow DUO STELLAR No. 2

Double foil eyeshadows. Thanks to them, you will achieve high gloss and metallic sheen, as well as an amazing glow effect. They serve as a complement for the interchangeable palettes from the WIBO collection.

Eyeshadow DUO STELLAR No. 4

Highlighter STELLAR

Face highlighter in the shade of nude beige with the exceptional bounce texture and strong glow effect. It emphasises perfectly the stunning make-up effect. The cosmetic, thanks to its innovative formula, blends beautifully with the skin structure, giving it instant glow. It can be used to replenish the interchangeable palettes from the WIBO collection.

Liquid Glitter EYESHADOW

Glitter-metallic congealing eyeshadows in liquid form are radiance, glow and glistening, all in one. Thanks to the special flecks, you will achieve the effect of refined, glossy finish. Its special creamy formula allows you to spread the cosmetic easily and evenly on the eyelid. The cosmetic is available in three colours: Venus, Neptun, Mars.