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Marshmallow Sweet Kissing Powder

Fixing powder for any type of complexion. It fixes the make-up, providing the matt effect for many hours. Thanks to its care ingredients, it smoothes and moistens your face skin and masks pores.

Besides its spectacular aesthetic and care values, it is also a real treat for the senses. It captivates with its sweet scent that remains on the skin after application. Its universal shade adapts to any type of foundation.




Unicorn Tears Primer

Multi-function face primer in the form of an nourishing elixir that protects your skin against free radicals. Apart from aesthetic effects, it also provides strong and effective care action. Its rich formula ensures improvement of skin condition, deep moisture and revitalization. Acai, goji and cranberry extracts are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. They make your skin smooth and radiant.

Its special light formula does not leave oily film on your face and significantly increases the adhesion of foundation in order to enhance the make-up durability. Besides its care qualities, the primer also perfectly illuminates the skin and works great as
a make-up foundation. Perfect for all types of skin.

Beauty Lip Balm

Protective lipstick which highlights the colour of lips under influence of natural pH of the skin, assuming an individual and unique shade. Its special formula contains a factor responding to your lips pH, the lipstick provides deep care, not to mention its aesthetic values.

It regenerates and moisturizes, making the lips silky and smooth, also filling in the roughness of the cuticle. Its individual colouring will perfectly match your everyday make-up. When applied regularly, it significantly improves the condition of your lips and protects them against negative external factors. Contains SPF 10.

Aromatic Sugar Lip Peeling

Sugar lip peeling with cooling effect. Cares for and protects your lips. Thanks to its care and exfoliating ingredients, it keeps them in good condition.

It makes them moistened and supple. Sugar grains contained in it facilitate removal of dried cuticle, and its nourishing balsam formula with natural ingredients, such as: shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil or vitamin E effectively cares for them. It prevents your lips from chapping and restores their comfort and healthy look.