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A short History of WIBO

WIBO was founded in 1989. It was at the beginning of great transformations in our economy, and every young person with needed initiative decided to take “matters into their own hand”.

In that period of above-average shortage of goods in Poland, the Adamczaks decided to act and “decisively voiced view” in the discussion. At the initiative of Mrs. Adamczak, the vision of satisfying women's needs saw the light of the day, for only a woman understands women better than the anyone else.

Taking advantage of the market gap, Jadwiga Bożena Adamczak together with her husband, Viktor, decided to set up a cosmetic company, which naturally came to be called “WIBO”.

At the time, the capital at the disposal of the founders of the company is illustrated by a quotation from the Promised Land: “I have nothing, you have nothing, so together have just enough to set up a factory”. Although they did not have any financial capital to speak of, they had dreams, management skills and a common VISA: creation of a cosmetic product affordable for every woman. Guided by Mrs. Adamczak’s: every woman, regardless of her social status, should have the opportunity to feel contented, elegant and carefree. Thus, that all how it started...

A true pursuing of passions, a sense of freedom side by side with an entrepreneurship tone has begun, and the face of independence and inner strength emerged full of determination. Nail polishes were the first cosmetics to be produced. Three basic colors, which at that the time captured enthusiasm of owners of cosmetics retail shops, created the collection. Over 20 years ago it was a pretty attractive offer, a natural response to market demands and to shortage of most commodities, which was prevalent at the time.

Mrs Adamczak, being a very independent lady, who liked to pursue own goals, organized the company from the scratch, making sure that the highest level of quality is maintained at every stage of production. Mr. Adamczak took over the management of financial sector, where he has excelled to the present say. Over the years, the company, demonstrating entrepreneurship and resourcefulness, has added mascaras, powders and multicolored lipsticks to its product range. It quickly captured the most fashionable textures and trends from the world, this constituted a bargaining chip on the market, helping it to create sophisticated and elaborate quality cosmetics at the expense of expensive decorations on the packaging. Dreams were there to be fulfilled.

Our goal has always been to come up with cosmetics of the highest quality, while our ambition has been to refine every product to perfection. Thus, in organizing of Rossmann store chains in Poland, the German owner made a decision to find a Polish company to be selling its product in them; it was us they eventually picked. We are very pleased for the recognition by the one of the most important chain store, Rossmann, with whom we are from the very beginning. In 2013 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Rossmann's activity in our country. In 2014, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our activities in the market.

Passion, combined with efficiency in operations and creation, has successively continued to this day. We have managed to build a company on solid foundations of dynamic expansion. We successfully defused the myth that “a good cosmetic must be expensive”. We have created high fashion quality at a reasonable price. A marketing strategy, actively supported by 3 daughters: the Departments of Commerce, Marketing and Creation, that we have consistently built is the reason of the success of the marriage between quality and attractive price. In our company from the beginning women have created for women. Creation and delivery of unconventional ideas is a source of tremendous joy to us, and we cannot imagine abandoning it.

Our philosophy has been growing with us, and we, the women, know best which products will turn out to be the best hits, and hope they will find their way into your beauticians as new releases.

To sum it up, we never run short of creative ideas and inventions, and as always, we hope that further success will accompany us. Your support, valuable rewards and the ever increasing “likes ” in the social media are comfirmation of the fact that we are trustworthy and what we do makes sense.

We love to be appreciated by you. Thanks to you, appetite for more in our team grows every day!
We will strive to maintain our leading position in colorful cosmetics market in Poland. We are growing in the world, every new expansion, new conquered market is becoming dearer and dearer to us, though the expectations imposed on are very high. We like challenges. Our goal is to come up with cosmetics of the highest quality, while our unwavering ambition to refine every product to perfection.

Are you with us? We hope that you will get a rich source and “a world of inspirations” with each of our product launches. In the creation of cosmetics, we put all our hearts, commitment and common passion to put into your hands products of ever increasing quality! We are looking higher and higher, further and further. We never stop. We are inspired by fashion, world trends, the world of design and women's needs. We have achieved everything within our power. We know how to have fun as well as how to acquire what we desire. We will help you to reveal your natural beauty. Trust us. We know what we are doing, for we are experts in this. We believe you are with us. After all we are experts. We actively change because of you.

Many of you asking, what's next? You have achieved so much, and beautifully, you are evolving a very dynamic way, cheetah style. Our answer is simple: we want to continue creating with you and your needs in our mind, we want to surprise, we want you to be whispered about or spoken of from roof tops. We are women creating for women. We respond quickly to any market changes, we detect curiosities of the world with great precision. Everything to surprise you and show the new face of the company that does not indulge in boredom.

You will always remain true, with a positive attitude towards life, filled with passion and the power of challenges that are just waiting to be taken, determined in achieving own goals. Because that is how we are, and we feel good about it.


"Every woman has the potential within herself to be beautiful. We only help to bring it out."
Thank you, dear, that you are with us!

Love & You and Me & Beauty


 The quality of our products has been appreciated and confirmed by awards: