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Natural make up no make up is a style that perfectly fits the current trends and reflects the full feminine nature. The range of possibilities presented by the latest WIBOMOOD collection will match the make up to almost every woman’s mood. Variability is a trait of a woman’s nature, make up it its expression, WIBOMOOD is the key to expressing ourselves. The illustration for the collection are make up tutorials with women of unique beauty and different temperaments: Honorata Skarbek, Karolina Pisarek, Sandra Kubicka and Joanna Opozda.

WIBO’s makeup artists agree that we should focus on a natural look this spring. The WIBOMOOD collection, maintained in the colors of beige, brown and peach, will surely fit into this trend. It goes straight ahead to emphasize what is naturally beautiful.

We will find there, among others, the highlighting make up base “Highlighting Base” with a delicate creamy consistency. It will significantly prolong the durability of make up. Thanks to the richness of nutrients, i.e. extracts of kiwi, grapefruit and sea algae, it will also care for the skin.

It will be illuminated by the pressed highlighter “SHIMMER”, two shades of which, i.e. DELICIOUS TOFFIE and SWEET CANDY perfectly complement each make up. Just like in the make up of Karolina Pisarek, they will take care of radiant skin with a dewy skin effect.

Its impeccable smoothness and velvet finish will be provided by the LOOSE POWDER, perfect for the baking technique. In the tutorial with Sandra Kubicka you can see how perfectly it camouflages all imperfections of the skin, gently reflects the light, which makes it perfect for contouring Sandras’s face. The color of the powder is universal, because it adopts on every skin color, blending in it, smoothing and fixing the make up. A sweet smell is one of many advantages of the powder. However, it must be remembered that not only the quality of the product affects the effect, but also its application.

The collection includes a multi-task make up brush - THE POWDER BRUSH DUO. It is dedicated to contouring and blending. Two different brush profiles, wider and narrower, make it easier to apply the cosmetic on various parts of the face and spread it perfectly without the smudge effect.

The application of the powder is as important as its durability; this will be certainly extended by the fixing spray with highlighting effect, i.e. the Glow Babe Spray. It contains papaya extract thanks to which the skin will be smooth, bright and firm. It protects the make up against removing and smudging, creates an invisible protective layer, preserving the freshness and perfect make up look up to 24 hours.

The natural look is a special mission for the coming spring. We focus on make up no make up in a very feminine style that cannot do without the trendy glow this season. The shine is not only on the skin; this season it cannot be missed in the eye make up. The Sparkling Eyeshadow will provide a glitter-metallic shine on the eyelid. In the make up of Honorata Skarbek, they perfectly emphasize the upper eyelid and the corners of the eyes.

The shine in the #wibomood make up is balanced by matte lips. It is the effect of ultramatte and pumping in one, in the form of the Spicy Matte lipstick available in 4 shades. Its perfect and velvet consistency guarantees precise coverage, and the chill pepper extract visibly enlarges the lips. Thanks to it, the lips are full and expressive, and the spectacular volume effect is guaranteed for many hours.

Highlighting Base

Highlighting make-up base with a delicate creamy texture. Significantly enhances the make-up durability. The base is rich in extracts of kiwi, grapefruit and marine algae. Perfect for each type of complexion. Does not change the foundation colour. Illuminates the complexion. The product should be applied to purified skin, preferably after the cream.

Sparkling Eyeshadow

These are liquid glitter-metallic eyeshadows. The special creamy formula enables even spread of the cosmetic on the eyelid. High pigmentation guarantees the spectacular colour gleam effect. Constitutes an excellent combination of durability with the multidimensional effect of metallic-glitter finish. Does not flake or rub off.

Spicy Matte

Intensively pigmented lipstick giving the effect of ultra matt finish to lip make-up with the lip enhancement formula. Its excellent and velvety texture guarantees precise coverage, and the chilli extract visibly enhances the lips. It makes your lips full and distinctive, and the spectacular volume effect is guaranteed. The lipstick is available in four nude colours.

Hybrid Nail Polish

Hybrid nail polish, for professional use. It guarantees the durable effect of spectacular manicure. Its high pigmentation and specially shaped brush ensure perfect coverage. Does not chip off, and is also resistant to mechanical abrasion. Available in different shades of pink and beige. Offered in 6 colours.

Powder Brush Duo

A multipurpose make-up brush – DUO. Dedicated to contouring and blending. Two different brush shapes, wide and narrow, will facilitate application on various face parts. Perfectly spreads the product over the skin without streaks. Its ergonomic handle is convenient and stable. The brush is made of synthetic bristle.

Loose Powder

WIBOmood loose powder is perfect for the baking technique. Its formula perfectly conceals skin imperfections, softly reflects the light to a great effect when contouring the face. It leaves velvet finish on the skin. The powder colours are universal as it adapts to any kind of skin, blending with it and smoothing it and fixing the make-up.

Glow Babe Spray

A setting make-up spray with the bright finish effect. Includes the papaya extract making your skin smoother, luminous and supple. Protects the make-up against rubbing off and smudging, creates an invisible protective layer, maintaining freshness and perfect look of the make-up for up to 24h.


Pressed highlighter available in two shades – DELICIOUS TOFFIE and SWEET CANDY – will perfectly supplement your make-up. Both shades are blendable. Light reflecting particles highlight the skin’s radiance. Shimmer is unimaginably light and gives the make-up a metallic finish. This product is extraordinarily convenient in application and creates an illumination effect with graded saturation.